MLB Welding Inc. Offers a Full Range of Welding and Fabrication Solutions Brought to You by Experienced Professionals

Metal fabrication uses raw metal to build machines and structures for various applications. This process requires extensive experience to ensure accuracy, durability, and functionality in the final product as it includes cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming and assembling, all of which require precision.

This process is used for projects that include everything from hand railings to heavy equipment and machinery. And as the leader in the industry, MLB Welding Inc. uses the latest welding techniques, tools, and experience to provide you with the right approach to your project.


Our team has incredible experience with many forms of welding to handle any project, large or small:

  • MIG Welding– The use of electrical current to melt and join metals
  • TIG Approach– Melts metals together using an arc and a tungsten electrode
  • Stick Method– Our experience allows us to deal with excess slag and smoke properly
  • Oxy-Acetylene– As a common welding method, we can use it to form any metal
  • Soldering- Lead-based soldering is recommended but we can offer lead-free and flux options

For the highest quality welding solutions since 2012, trust MLB Welding Inc. to handle all your welding and fabrication needs.